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Russia and Armenia Pave Innovative Paths for Economic Development

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Дата документа:10 октября 2017 г.
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The 6th Russian-Armenian Forum organized by the Russian Ministry of Economic Development and the Armenian Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development was held in Yerevan.

At the Interregional Cooperation as the Integration Framework strategic session, Vitaly Gudin, Director of the Department of Coordination, Development and Regulation of Foreign Economic Activity, Russian Ministry of Economic Development, said that both countries had a common strategic goal of improving economic competitiveness, stepping onto an innovative development path and forging a knowledge economy that is based on unlocking human potential approach. "Developing an interregional partnership and building effective cooperation ties enable us to accomplish this task together, faster and more efficiently, benefiting from complementarity of our economies and rich natural and human resources as from a competitive advantage," stressed Vitaly Gudin.

When talking about Russian-Armenian trade relationships, he noted the increase in mutual trade both in value and in physical terms. Trade and economic ties with Armenia are maintained by 65 Russian regions.

Over 30 large enterprises with Russian capital, in oil & gas, mining, industry, energy, transport, financial (banking and insurance) and telecommunications, operate in the country, while in total there are more than 1,300 of such Russian companies in Armenia. In addition, the number of joint ventures is increasing in the Russian regions, as well.

During the sessions and roundtable talks, the Forum participants discussed advance in bilateral trade and economic partnerships, strengthening of interregional cooperation in tourism, industry, agriculture, IT, innovation and in the humanitarian area.

Russian President Vladimir Putin sent his greetings to the Forum participants. "It is of importance to fill the Armenian-Russian dialogue with joint projects and to continuously improve the level of practical cooperation, while the unifying, creative potential of your meetings is essential in this work. I hope for a detailed discussion of topical issues of industrial and agricultural cooperation, promising initiatives in the innovations, the humanitarian realm and tourism," the letter from Vladimir Putin said.

The Forum was attended by representatives of the Russian and Armenian presidential executive offices, heads of the countries’ regions and representatives of the governments, legislative agencies, businesses and non-governmental organizations.

The Forum included signing of a number of documents, in particular, an agreement on cooperation in information and communication technologies between the Russian Export Center, JSC and the Armenian Jurisdiction Foundation.

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