Ministry of Economic Development
of the Russian Federation



The macroeconomic has huge value in knowledge of economic processes and the phenomena, especially in modern Russia.

At the moment an unprecedented by sizes and speed movement to the market relations of a number of the countries, including Russia, with earlier dominating system of the planned centralized economy is going. In such global process as development of market economy, exactly macroeconomic theory forms bases of economic thinking.

Macroeconomic subject, as a first approximation, are regularities of functioning of national economy in general. The macroeconomic analyses interaction, interference of the major segments of national economy, or, something, a national economy: labour markets, money, capitals, goods and services, natural resources. In modern conditions studying of interaction of national economies also has got the importance. The Special component of the subject of macroeconomic — the state macroeconomic policy and the regulation of national economy based on it.

Thus, the macroeconomic it is possible to divide to three components: national economy; state economic policy and regulation; interaction of national economies within the world economy.

Forecasts of social and economic development of the Russian Federation and some sectors of economy

The forecast of social and economic development of the Russian Federation – the document containing system of scientifically based conceptions of the directions and results of social and economic development of the Russian Federation for the forecasting period (medium-term or long-term).

The forecast is developed by the options reflecting changes of external and internal conditions, statement of medium-term and long-term goals and reference points of development of the country, the main directions of their achievement.

The forecast of social and economic development of the Russian Federation contains an assessment of level of social and economic development, the characteristic of conditions of social and economic development, including the main indicators of demographic and scientific and technical development, a condition of surrounding environment and natural resources; main indicators of development of world economy; assessment of factors and restrictions for social and economic development; an assessment of macroeconomic effect from implementation of long-term target programs; definition of indicators of basic and target versions of the forecast; the main indicators of development in separate sectors of economy, indicators of development of transport and power infrastructure during the predicted period; main directions of territorial development in the long term.


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