Ministry of Economic Development
of the Russian Federation


Public-private partnership in the Russian Federation

The mechanisms of public-private partnership have been actively developing in the Russian Federation for the last 10 years and are aimed at creating conditions to attract private businesses for the development of public infrastructure (transport, utilities and social).

Institutional and regulatory «certainty» is the most significant factor for the successful development of PPP in any country, as private investors strive to avoid projects, which may have unpredictable risks.

On the grounds of legal practice and current economic conditions Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation adapts the tools of PPP in order to meet the challenges of infrastructure upgrade and to improve the quality of provided services.

Realization of PPP projects in Russia is carried out with 2 Federal Laws:

  1. Federal Law № 115-FZ of July 21, 2005 «On concession agreements»;
  2. Federal Law № 224-FZ of July 13, 2015 «On public-private partnership and municipal-private partnership in the Russian Federation and amending certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation».

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