Ministry of Economic Development
of the Russian Federation


Strategic planning

The most important factor of ensuring competitiveness of Russian economy in the current context is availability of the effectively functioning system of the state strategic management.

The system of state strategic management allows:

  • formation of long-term priorities of the state activity in the field of social and economy development allowing private companies to decrease risks including those in taking long-term investment decisions;
  • long-term solutions deployment (with lead-time 7 and more years) in the complex of medium and long-term tasks approved against each other;
  • balancing of planned actions demanding significant organizational and resource expenditure (projects in energy, transportation, demography, national security, in the sphere of human potential development);
  • orientation of the Subjects of the Russian Federation and municipal bodies to the activity in accordance with the set up long-term goals;
  • colligation of the decisions taken during the process of state strategic management with budget limitations defined both for medium-term and long-term prospective;
  • monitoring of implementation of taken decisions.

The main tasks being solved by the Ministry during realization of the strategic planning are:

  • formation of the strategic management system;
  • development and monitoring of the implementation of the Concept of Long-Term Social and Economic Development of the Russian Federation;
  • monitoring of the projects on implementation of the main areas of activity the Russian Federation Government.

Currently the activity directed to overcome of the crisis phenomena in the economy grew into strategic character. Active work of monitoring the measures directed to recovery of the economy is carrying out in accordance with the instruction of the Russian Federation Government.

Effective functioning of the strategic management system is especially topical in the period of financial crisis and deficit of the Federal budget. Formation of the state strategic management system will allow to change the approach to a medium-term forecasting, reconcile it with forecasting of long-term trends of development, ensure coordination of development, realization of long-term strategies and development programs of the Russian Federation in whole as well as specific regions and sectors of economy, their mutual coordination in goals, time terms and actions. Besides, this system presumes development of mechanism ensuring direct connection between results of activity of public authority and public funds allocated to their achievement.

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